A couple of days ago, news hit my previous school community that one of our students had taken his own life.

I don’t really know how to go about this post, but I have to say that it is in these kinds of situations that we realize how precious people, life, family and friends really are.
I cannot even begin to imagine the pain and heartbreak the family is going through.

All I have to say is…

Be Kind.
You never know what other people are going through.


Let Me Explain Myself…

This past summer has been a crazy whirlwind of ups and downs consisting of making some serious decisions….
Some seriously. adult. decisions.

As a consequence I haven’t been able to post a whole lot on this blog, but now that the decisions have been made and all is well, it’s time to get back to blogging I guess.

Although the past couple of months have been seriously difficult, I believe there are better things coming and I am so excited for this next chapter of my life.
I will be posting more regularly, and I hope the material will be good.

To kickstart,
I found the best song I have ever heard in a long time.
It’s one of those songs where you don’t know if you want to share with anyone, because it’s so special. But, I can’t help but feel this song is greatness capped into 3 minutes. So great, that it would be wrong to keep it secret.
So here is the wonderful song…Hope you enjoy xx

O Captain, My Captain

tumblr_na6a5l01vr1qb67e1o1_1280O Captain! my Captain! our fearful trip is done,

The ship has weather’d every rack, the prize we sought is won,

The port is near, the bells I hear, the people all exulting,

While follow eyes the steady keel, the vessel grim and daring;

But O heart! heart! heart!

O the bleeding drops of red,

Where on the deck my Captain lies,

Fallen cold and dead.


O Captain! my Captain! rise up and hear the bells;

Rise up—for you the flag is flung—for you the bugle trills,

For you bouquets and ribbon’d wreaths—for you the shores a-crowding,

For you they call, the swaying mass, their eager faces turning;

Here Captain! dear father!

The arm beneath your head!

It is some dream that on the deck,

You’ve fallen cold and dead.


My Captain does not answer, his lips are pale and still,

My father does not feel my arm, he has no pulse nor will,

The ship is anchor’d safe and sound, its voyage closed and done,

From fearful trip the victor ship comes in with object won;

Exult O shores, and ring O bells!

But I with mournful tread,

Walk the deck my Captain lies,

Fallen cold and dead.

– Walt Whitman

Robin Williams was truly inspiring. Through his many roles, he inspired, made people laugh, and taught valuable lessons. Rest In Peace Robin Williams.


If there is any festival I hope to go to sometime in my life, it’s Tomorrowland.
With impossible-to-obtain tickets, you end up flying to a land of magic, memories, dancing, and incredible music.

Spending an insane amount of money to go to this kind of festival usually wouldn’t be my thing, but in this case…it’s an exception.
With big name DJs playing amazing sets with the best kind of atmosphere and build up, this is something that every 19-29 year old I know hope to go to.

Here is a video of Alesso’s set this year – the quality kind of sucks, but it shows the immense amount of people who go for this festival (people from all over the world) and  how incredible the stages are.

And better quality videos:

Seriously, just watching these videos gives me chills.
There are a number of other videos showing the sets of the Djs on their main channel
so, #happyprocrastinating!

Alex & Sierra

X Factor, Britain’s Got Talent, America’s Got Talent, etc — all of these shows are guilty pleasures of mine. You can’t deny that these shows have given us some pretty great artists in the past i.e., Kelly Clarkson, Leona Lewis, (okay there are a few others, but they are all debatable), and of course,

Alex & Sierra.

I have to say that as soon as they auditioned, I knew that they were going to win haha.
But the season is over (was over quite a while ago) and they won.
They are so amazing.
So these are my favorite performances:

And these are their own songs that have come out:

Cesar Biojo

Even though my first art post should probably be about one of my favorite artists, I think I’ll save them for later.
For now, here’s Cesar Biojo – an amazing Colombian artist whose work is both inspiring and beautiful.

His work all has a great sense of movement and realism. His realism is incredible. I’m a fan of paintings that are both realistic and painting-like, if you know what I mean. So when I came across Cesar Biojo, I naturally loved his work.

He uses a palette of usually natural colors for the portraits and then plays around through destroying the portrait that he originally painted. He seems to be so free with his work, even if his “destroying” does seem organized and deliberate at the same time.
I would say that that is the kind of thing I would be jealous of, seeing as how destroying a painting that I would have worked on for a long amount of time, would be something I would not be interested in at all (unless of course, I hated it — trust me, I have wanted to do it to some of the things I have painted).

Anyway, here are some of his paintings — some are pictures of them still in the process of being made, which I think is important to see as painting is a process.

cesar biojo 2[4]
He is no only capable of emotion through his paintings, but they all seem to have some sort of story behind them. The paintings all draw a sense of mystery through the deduction of certain parts of the face or body.
His paintings are beautiful, and I completely admire him as an artist.



I don’t really know why I haven’t posted anything about art so far, I think it’s mostly because I’ve been completely uninspired and have been avoiding it completely.

Being a Fine Art major I should probably have an entire list of artists I love and aspire to be. But honestly I have 2 artists that fit that criteria: Agnes Cecile and Lora Zombie.
I should definitely have more (it’s quite embarrassing that I don’t have any more than that). And maybe that was why I wanted to start posting regularly about artists, essentially to enhance my knowledge about the artists as well as trying to gain inspiration from the work that they do.

Art has always been such a big thing in my life. It has been something that has defined me and has been what I have wanted to be since I was a little girl. I can’t help but think, now that I am in university, my love for art hasn’t encompassed me as a person and it hasn’t been what I’ve wanted to focus on. I’ve been avoiding it incessantly because I can’t bear to deal with the fact that I just have nothing to say with my art. Henri Matisse said, “Creativity takes courage” and at this point, I don’t have the courage to suck.

So, soon I will start to write more about art that does inspire me on any level, and will try to be in-depth with my research on the artist as well.
This may be something I do that’s more for me than for anyone else, which is great.

So that is that, and
since I can’t leave out my love for words:

“Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time” – Thomas Merton

Contemplating Everything

Here’s a follow-up post to my previous one about the differences between Universities/ College in the UK vs. USA.

I’m at a stage in my life where I am wondering whether going to university was the right step for me….in today’s society it’s driven into us that in order to have a future and succeed in life, we need to go to university/college. Out of the 40 something kids in my class in high school, only about 2 students didn’t go to university/college, taking a gap year (which means that eventually they will be going to university/college). Even the idea of a gap year is looked down on (at least between all the people I know).

But the thing is, I am now in university, going into my second year studying Fine Art and I have no fucking clue what it even is I’m doing. It isn’t just my degree (which I know is labelled to be useless anyway, which it basically is…but you do what you love to do right?) but its the idea of spending all of that money to pay for me to go to a university that is an 8 hour flight away from home where basically all I do is hate the useless lectures where they talk about the same irrelevant bullshit that has absolutely nothing to do with what I’m studying.. and on top of that they just kind of throw you out into the studios to work by yourself and learn yourself without properly teaching students how to do anything. I spent much more time worrying about what to wear to the next party than worrying about my studies because essentially there is nothing to study. I’m basically paying about 14000 pounds on going out and paying tutors who teach absolutely nothing and have the nerve to cancel lectures in order to go on strike because they “aren’t being paid enough”…..

I understand that this may just be my course, and it’s my fault for choosing such a useless one, and it was my decision to go to university and to go to the UK for university, but essentially I’m there because I want to learn and if I’m not learning, then why am I going?

Why is it that having a degree in something, a stupid piece of paper that may not even define how good you are in something, is so important in today’s world, when in reality what we should be doing is going out and getting proper experience?

Why don’t I go and get experience? because no one is willing to hire a student who has just dropped out of university after her first year in order to gain “life experience”.

I understand that this is the status-quo and it’s great, and university-life is great, but why is it a necessity. How are my grades (which by the way, how do you even grade art? there may be a standard, but it’s so subjective, it makes absolutely no sense to me) a reflection of how good I am of a learner if I haven’t learnt anything. There are a lot of different loopholes and counters to my argument, but this is just a rant that I felt like having. I’m just personally questioning myself on whether or not I should even be wasting my time with university, just because it’s expected of me.

Love, Soar

This is how I came to deciding to call this blog “Love, Soar”.
I am a huge fan of Les Miserables and of course, Victor Hugo.

I think the book was beautifully written, and of course, being a fan of words, I decided it would be fitting for my blog’s title to be something that stuck with me for years after reading the book. Before I say anything about it, here is the “chapter” or passage that it was in…It was a seriously genuine and amazing moment in the book, but those two words stuck with me for such a long time. I don’t want to write too much about it, because Hugo’s words kind of takes it all away anyway.

A Heart Beneath A Stone

The reduction of the universe to a single being, the expansion of a single being into God, this is love.
Love is the salutation of the angel to the stars.
How sad the soul when it is sad from love! What a void is the absence of the being who alone fills the world! Oh! How true that the beloved becomes God! One would understand that God might be jealous if the Father of all had not clearly made creation for the soul, and the soul for love!
One glimpse of a smile under a white crepe hat with lilac veil is enough for the soul to enter the palace of dreams.
God is behind everything, but everything hides God. Things are black, creatures are opaque.To love a human being is to make her transparent.
Certain thoughts are prayers. There are moments when, whatever the attitude of the body, the soul is on its knees.
Separated lovers belie absence by a thousand chimeric things that have their own reality. They are prevented from seeing each other, they cannot write to each other, they find a host of mysterious ways to correspond. They exchange the song of the birds, the perfume of flowers, children’s laughter, sunlight, the sighs of the wind, the God’s works were made to serve love. Love is powerful enough to charge all nature with its messages.

O Spring! You are a letter that I write to her.

The future belongs still more to the heart than the mind. To love is the only thing that can occupy and fill up eternity. The infinite requires the inexhaustible.
Love partakes of the soul itself. It is of the same nature. Like the soul, it is a divine spark; it is incorruptible, indivisible,  imperishable. It is a point of fire within us, which is immortal and infinite  which nothing can limit and nothing can extinguish. We feel it burning even in the marrow of our bones, and we see it radiate even to the depths of the sky.
O love! Adorations! Light of two minds that understand each other, of two heart interchanged, of two glances that interpenetrate! You will come to me, won’t you, happiness? Walks together in solitudes! Blessed, radiant days! Occasionally I have dreamed that from time to time hours detached themselves from the life of the angels and came down to pass through the destiny of men.
God can add nothing to the happiness of those who love one another, but to give them unending duration. After a life of love, an eternity of love is a superabundance, indeed; but to intensify the ineffable felicity that love gives to the soul in this world is impossible, even for God. God is the plenitude of heaven; love is the plenitude of man.
You look at a star for two reasons, because it is luminous and because it is impenetrable. You have at your side a softer radiance and a greater mystery, woman. Whoever we may be, we all have our living, breathing, beings. If they fail us, the air fails us, we stifle, then we die. To die for lack of love is horrible. The asphyxia of the soul.
When love has dissolved and mingled two being into an angelic sacred unity, the secret of life is found for them; they are then but the two terms of a single destiny; they are then but the two wings of a single spirit. Love, soar!
The day that a woman walking past sheds a light on you as she goes, you are lost, you love.You have then only one thing left to do: to think of her so earnestly that she will be compelled to think of you.
What love begins can only be finished by God.
True love is in despair and in raptures over a lost glove or a handkerchief found, and it requires eternity for its devotion and its hopes. It is composed at the same time of the infinitely great and the infinitely small.

If you are stone, be loadstone, if you are plant, be sensitive, if you are man, be love.

Nothing is enough for love. We have happiness, we wish for paradise; we have paradise, we wish for Heaven.
O ye who love each other, all this is in love. Be wise enough to find it. As much as Heaven, love has contemplation, and more than Heaven, passionate delight.

“Does she still come to the Luxembourg?”
“No, monsieur.”
“She hears mass in this church, doesn’t she?”
“She no longer comes here.”
“Does she still live in this house?”
“She has moved away!”
“Where has she gone to live?”
“She did not say!”

What a somber thing, not to know the address of one’s soul!

Love has its childishness, the other passions have their pettiness. Shame on the passions that make man little! Honor to what makes him a child!

There is a strange thing—do you know what? I am in the night. There is a being who has gone away and carried the heavens with her.
Oh, to be laid side by side in the same tomb, hand clasped in hand, and from time to time, in the darkness, to caress a finger gently, that would be enough for my eternity.

You who suffer because you love, love still more. To die of love is to live by it.

Love. A somber starry transfiguration is mingled with this torture. There is ecstasy in the agony.
O joy of the birds! It is because they have their nest that they have their song.
Love is a celestial breathing of the air of paradise.
Deep hearts, wise minds take life as God has made it; it is a long trial, an unintelligible preparation for the unknown destiny. This destiny, the true one, begins for man with the first step inside the tomb. Then something appears to him, and he begins to discern the definite. The definite, think about this word. The living see the infinite; the definite reveals itself only to the dead. Meantime, love and suffer, hope and contemplate. Woe, alas, to the one who shall have loved bodies, forms, appearances only. Death will take everything from him. Try to love souls, you shall find them again.
In the street I met a very poor young man who was in love. His hat was old, his coat was threadbare—there were holes at his elbows; the water seeped through his shoes and the stars through his soul.
What a great thing, to be loved! What greater thing still, to love! The heart becomes heroic through passion. It is no longer composed of anything but what is pure; it no longer rests on anything but what is elevated and great. An unworthy thought can no more spring up in it than a nettle on a glacier. The lofty and serene soul, inaccessible to common passions and common emotions, rising above the clouds and shadows of this world, its follies, its falsehoods, its hatreds, its vanities, its miseries, inhabits the blue of the skies, and no longer feels anything but the deep subterranean commotions of destiny, as the summit of the mountains feels the quaking of the earth.

If no one loved, the sun would go out.

                                                     —Marius Pontmercy

It was Marius’ Love Letter to Cosette, and he writes in such a beautiful way. Obviously the whole passage is extremely romanticized and extremely out there, but it’s a beautiful passage, and the words are all pretty much stitched into beauty.

There’s a lot more that goes into the reason why those two words mean a lot to me, but since this post is already pretty long, I’ll stop there.
Happy Reading!



If you’re anything like me, you’re lazy.
I literally hate doing anything at all, which is probably not a very good thing.
Running used to be a getaway for me. I used to LOVE running. I would use it as a stress-relief and would be running at least a mile everyday. This was on top of doing sports after school.

Now i’ve given up my sports life, and I haven’t been doing too great with keeping up with running.
But basically, the only way I stayed semi- skinny during university/college was through working out in my room and just doing different types of exercises/ work outs in my room.

I have to say that there are a couple of channels that kept me from having to buy an entire new wardrobe because I had gotten too big.
Now, there’s a lot to say about body image, and the horrible-hypocritical-absolutely-idealized-vision of what people think is a fit body today, but I won’t go into that.
Basically, if you are as lazy as I am, and still want to do something to keep somewhat fit…then here are 3 Channels that I stayed true to throughout my year of eating hamburgers after a night out on a daily basis and eating shit because I couldn’t be bothered to cook anything:

1. Blogilates: This is one of my favorites. Even though the host, Casey Ho, is a bit too enthusiastic sometimes, it’s fine because if she wasn’t then I probably would just stop half way.
The videos are workouts that she has developed that work on certain areas of your body and are done in a fun way. It’s also a mix of Pilates and just workouts so it’s a good mix and helps you stay relaxed.

2. XHit Daily: This channel is a bit more focused on working out as opposed to the Pilates part. It focuses on building muscle in a healthy type of way. The videos are intense and are a serious workout leaving you in pain but also feeling like you’ve accomplished something. They have different playlists/series for different focus points on your body and they definitely helped out. (It also helps that the instructors are all pretty fit, making you basically want to have that)

3. Tone It Up: Finally, this channel was the first fitness channel I followed. The two instructors are basically the sweetest girls I have ever seen. They are intense with their workouts and the different videos are all pretty helpful. To get the complete experience with tone it up, you do have to subscribe and pay a certain amount. But from what I’ve heard (no, I haven’t paid) the paid version of their series are pretty amazing. There is an online community you can join with them which is pretty awesome, I’m pretty sure this is free, and you can basically connect with other girls who are trying to stay dedicated to the program; Which is another way to keep motivated.

Also another thing, it may not help you, but it definitely helped me get off my ass; and that is the #fitspo tag on tumblr where basically your dashboard turns into a series of images showing motivational quotes to get off your ass, what will happen to your body if you don’t get off your ass, the amazing things that will happen if you get off your ass, and…actually…a lot of really round asses.

and there you go.
Happy…not procrasting. GET FIT. be healthy.